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Franciscan Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament

Mother Maria Francesca, Sister Maria Clare and Sister Peggy and Sr Rose live a life, in community, animated by the Gospel in the spirit of St Francis of Assisi.

On the Solemnity of Pentecost 2013 Our Franciscan Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament celebrated the installation of 3 new 'Companions'. Three new companions  of the sisters joined Rose in their prayerful and practical support of the sisters in their ministry.


Dominic, Francis and Bernadette promised to celebrate the Liturgy of the Hours in union with the whole church.   All of the companions meet weekly to celebrate mass with members of the  Ecumenical Catholic Church in Ormskirk.


A hearty Agape followed ! Contact the sisters if you would like to take up this ministry of prayerful support.


A supportive Christian funeral ministry is also part of their work and they also offer days of prayer and recollection where all are invited to “Come aside and rest awhile” (Mk 6: 31).


The sisters can be contacted by email at franciscan.sisters@hotmail.com

We invite all to journey with us by participating in our life of service and prayer.  As an enrolled member of  "The Companions of the Franciscan Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament," we invite you to pray the prayer of the church in spiritual union with us and wear the 'Tau' cross as a symbol of commitment to Franciscan spirituality.


To find out more visit our website 

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Companions of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament